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Morse Block Deli caters events ranging from small dinner parties to large events. We also can host private events at the Deli. We work directly with you to ensure the menu is perfectly tailored to your event.

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Black Apron Dinner Kits

Tired of having to cook a meal after getting home from work? Don’t like grocery shopping? Want to plan a dinner with friends without all the hassle?

Our Black Apron Dinner Kits make it easy for you to feed your family a wholesome meal, impress friends or that special someone with a restaurant-quality meal prepared with the best ingredients possible. Each meal is artfully crafted with your nutrition and precious time in mind. All meats are butchered and freshly prepared in house.

You can create your own meal, or have us figure it out for you. Everything comes fully cooked and is ready to heat & serve. We are happy to accommodate any dietary needs or restrictions.

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Holiday Ordering Guide



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Local Rib Roast- $17/lb.

Pounds:_____       Garlic & Herb rubbed +$5  Y/N

Local Turkey- $4.25/lb.

Pounds:______          Maple-Bourbon Brined +$2/lb.  Y/N

Sugar Mountain Ham- $10/lb

Pounds:______         Maple-Pecan Glaze $8/cup    _____cups


Sides- Sides feed 4-6. Order as many of each as needed.

___ Serious Gravy $8

___ Roasted Fingerling Potatoes $10

___ Roasted Roots $9

___ Maple Whipped Sweet Potato $8

___ Roast Garlic Mashed Potato $10

___ Green Bean Casserole $12

___ Sage & Sausage Stuffing $16

___Wild Rice & Chestnut Stuffing $20

___ Rosé & Cranberry Jelly $7

___ Cranberry-Orange Sauce $9


___ Apple $15

___ Graham Cracker, Sweet Potato, & Marshmallow $17

___ Pumpkin $15

___ Chocolate-Bourbon-Pecan $18                                                   Total: